Awards and Prize Money


  1. Each race categories has a ranking award, each winning participant will be awarded one trophy;
  2. Participants who complete 10K will be listed in the general classification of the respective age categories, whereas the invited participants will only be listed and awarded in the general classification of 10K;
  3. Awards of each categories will be given as:
    Category Male Female
    General 10 10
    A 5 3
    B 5 5
    C 5 3
    D 5 3
    Macao Winners 5 5
    Fun Run
    Category Male Female
    A 3 3
    B 5 5
    C 3 3
  4. Awarded participants of all categories will be given a “Champion Jacket” and it should be used at all times of the awarding ceremonies.
  5. Awarded participants should collect trophies on the race day. For those who have not collected the trophy on the race day, he or she should contact the Organizer within one week after the race and should pick up within one month after the race, otherwise it will be considered as renunciation of collection.

Prize Money:

  1. Prize money will be awarded to participants who have achieved specified results in the 10K
    1. Prize money for general classification:

      The first 10 participants in the general classification of 10K will be awarded the following prize money:

      General Classification Prize Money (US$)
      General Classification Male and Female
      1 10,000
      2 5,000
      3 2,500
      4 1,500
      5 1,000
      6 700
      7 600
      8 500
      9 400
      10 300
    2. Prize money for Macao Winners:

      The first 5 Macao Winners of 10K registered with the Macao Resident Identity Card will be awarded the following prize money:

      Prize Money for Macao Winners (MOP)
      Classification Male & Female
      1 10,000
      2 5,000
      3 3,000
      4 2,000
      5 1,000
  2. Prize money will only be transferred to the winning participants’ bank account after the confirmation of a positive result from the doping test. A Personal Bank Account Information Sheet must also be filled in on the race day for account transfer or telegraphic transfer.


  • All the information provided to the participants by the Organizer of the race (including “Information to the Participants” etc.) will be considered as part of this regulation in all circumstances;
  • All omitted cases will be settled by the Organizer, and in case of doubt, the Organizer reserves the right of making the final decision on the issue in question;
  • By submitting application, participants have agreed to enter into the 2021 Sands China Macao International 10K and have also agreed to abide by conditions of registration and the event, and any instructions given by the Organizer;
  • Participants in the 2021 Sands China Macao International 10K are required to comply with the competition rules of the World Athletics.